Thursday, February 23, 2012

Snow on the way

I don't want to use the word snowstorm for this next event, but lets say we have some weather on the way. Montreal had a few light showers and flurries overnight, not much at all really, but just enough to put a thin glaze on the roads this morning. Skies should partially clear today with another mild high temperature of 3C expected. The temperature will fall tonight with northeast winds developing to a low of -5C.

On Friday low pressure will move from Kansas across northern Ohio and down the St. Lawrence Valley. A general swath of snow north of the low will affect most of southern and eastern Ontario and Quebec with around 10-15cm forecast. The snow will begin after midnight in the Toronto area and reach Montreal by the early morning hours. While it will not be a storm as such, it will be tricky on the roads for sure, as the snow will be blown around by northeast winds of 30 to 50km/h. The only warnings in place so far are for the Eastern Townships where 15cm or more is likely. We may see additional warnings posted later today, particularly for the mountains of upstate New York and Vermont.

Once the low passes east of Montreal we can expect a slightly cooler weekend with some residual snow on Saturday and clearing skies on Sunday. Temperatures will remain above normal through the period.

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