Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Warming trend

Happy Valentine's Day

We are seeing a wide range in temperatures this morning across the region. Montreal had clear skies and calm winds overnight, that combined with our snow pack (which many areas don't have) allowed temperatures to cool rapidly after sunset. I am showing minus 17C (2F) here on L'Ile Perrot with -14C (7F) at the airport, well below the predicted low of -5C. Meanwhile just to our south Plattsburgh, NY is at -3C (27F), while to our west Ottawa is -7C (20F). Everybody should warm to at or just above freezing today under mostly cloudy skies. The cloud is being caused by very weak low pressure over the Ohio Valley. We may see some snowflakes this afternoon, but nothing to get too excited about. There is another chance for some rain or snow by late Thursday, but again not a big storm.

Just how little snow has Montreal had this February? We are stuck at 7cm for the month, 5.2 of that falling on the first. Normally Montreal has about 45cm of snow in February with this month and March being our snowiest with the biggest storms. I am just not seeing anything at this time that would indicate a major change in the season long patterns. We may have a little snow by the middle of next week, but for the short term mild air is in place and if we get any precipitation with Thursday's system it will likely be in the form of rain showers.

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