Sunday, March 18, 2012

The heat is on!

Montreal's Olympic Stadium tower shrouded in dense fog Saturday afternoon. (ValleyWX Pic)
Record high today for Montreal: 23C

Strong high pressure is building into Quebec and the entire east coast finally starting to dry out the damp air mass that has been in place over southern Quebec all week. Yesterday we saw a high of 11C, but only after the dense fog burned off around noon. The fog held on tight in Montreal with near zero visibility most of the morning, slowing traffic and cancelling dozens of flights in and out of Trudeau Airport. Once the fog lifted we were left with a a damp but sunny day. Today is very different with a south wind and much warmer with Montreal already at 9C. We will easily surpass the record high of 14C set in 2010 with a forecast high today at 20C. It should be dry most of the day, but a weak cold front will approach the area tonight with the chance of some showers. The front will leave us with just a slightly cooler Monday at 15C before the front washes out south of the province and the warm air surges back north for the balance of the week. Temperatures will soar to record highs all week, even challenging the warmest Montreal March day on record, 25.6C set on March 28 in 1945. The temperature has a change of reaching 25 or 26C by Wednesday. It would be the earliest such high temperatures on record for the city.

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