Thursday, March 29, 2012

Typical late March weather

It may seem cold to many, but this is pretty much what late March in Montreal should look and feel like. If anything we are still well ahead of the curve. I can remember may years where piles of melting snow was still all around us. We have also had many notable April snowstorms. It will be a cloudy and damp day again today with some scattered flurries or showers. Skies will slowly clear out tonight as high pressure moves into Ontario and Quebec with a mainly dry and cool start to the weekend. The exception will be south of a line from Kingston through the GTA and into southwest Ontario where low pressure south of the Great Lakes may bring some snow and rain Friday afternoon. If your travels take you that way keep this in mind as enough snow may fall around Hamilton to London to cover the roads. Yesterday snow fell northeast of Montreal in Quebec City and southeast into the Beauce region. As much as 10cm of snow fell in places from southern Quebec into northern Maine and New Hampshire.

In the temperature department we were normal yesterday at around 5C, and that pretty much is what we will see today and Friday. The weekend will be a little milder pushing 10C.

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