Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stubborn cold air in Montreal

From wunderground.com
As has happened so often this past winter a warm front is unable to scour cold air out of the St. Lawrence Valley in Quebec today. While areas south and west of us are soaring to record highs, Montreal remains cold with a northeast wind and fog. As the above Weather Underground area map from 3pm shows, many areas just to our southwest are near 16C. Burlington, Vermont has another record high with 18C so far. Montreal will remain damp and cool tonight with the warm air staying to our south. Lows will be near 2C and if we are lucky we may see a 9 or 10C on Wednesday under cloudy skies. It is still well above normal but so much colder than surrounding areas. Want warm air? Then just head to the south shore to places like Hemmingford, Lacolle or St. Anicet where it is 15C.

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