Monday, April 09, 2012

Showers or flurries & chilly

Low pressure is moving west into southern Quebec this week with flurries & showers.
I hope everyone had a great Easter, sadly, like many I return to work today. Also sadly like many as well, I have a cold. The annual spring tradition of colds racing around is in full swing as the ground thaws and releases all the nastiness back into the air.

The week starts off chilly with clouds, showers and temperatures in the 8C range for highs and 2 or 3C for lows in eastern Ontario and southwest Quebec. There may even be a few snowflakes across the regions northeast of Montreal and in the mountains of Vermont and New York. Stubborn low pressure that dealt the Maritimes an Easter Sunday snowstorm is retrograding (in weather terms, basically moving the wrong way) west towards northern Maine and eventually northern Vermont or extreme southern Quebec. It will take most of the week for the pattern to resume a more normal flow and sweep the low pressure area back east and out to sea. Until then look for lots of clouds, temperatures below normal, a chilly wind and showers scattered around at any time into at least Wednesday if not Thursday.

From, snow covered Easter flowers in Chester, Nova Scotia.
It could be worse, large portions of Atlantic Canada including Halifax awoke yesterday to 20cm of wet snow. The snow caused travel headaches for those trying to make it to church services or grandma's house as well as power outages. The storm is producing more snow today in the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire as well as the Beauce area. Strong winds and high astronomical tides are producing flooding along the St. Lawrence River near the Gaspe Peninsula and as far southwest as Quebec City.

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