Friday, April 20, 2012

Wet weekend update

It is chilly in Montreal this morning with some showers draped along the Quebec/Vermont border. A warm front will try to push north of Montreal today, until it does we will have northeast winds and chilly highs of around 9C. Once the front moves north of the city we should see a brief shot of warm air on Saturday that could push temperatures up to 18C. It will be short lived as a cold front and low pressure area will give rain late Saturday into Sunday. The big weather story then begins late Sunday night and lasts well into next week. A rather large coastal storm will develop near the Delmarva and move north and begin to affect New England, Quebec and Ontario. Lots of precipitation, as much as 50mm or more along with strong winds and cool temperatures are expected to start the work week. There is even a growing possibility of wet snow for some of us. The exact track and intensity of the storm is yet to be determined, so there are lots of details to sort out. Look for cloudy, damp and cool weather until at least Wednesday of next week.

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