Wednesday, May 30, 2012

After the big flood - the big clean up

Crews continue to clean up and assess the damage caused by yesterdays thunderstorms in Montreal and across Ontario and New England.
Heavy rain produced massive flooding in Montreal across the south shore and into Vermont and New Hampshire. Nearly 70mm of rain or close to 3" fell in less than 1 hour swamping the sewer system and flooding roads and stores. Several schools are closed today because of flooding. While no estimate is ready yet damage will certainly run into the millions. You will notice no data on my weather station, the storm took it out and it won 't be fixed until the weekend. Here on the Seacoast of New Hampshire a marine layer of cool air forced the heavy rain and flooding into central and southwest New Hampshire where roads were washed out. In New York state, 3.5" hail was reported, massive for that part of the country.

The photo above is the Atwater tunnel in Montreal taken by my niece Stacy, at the height of the flooding.

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