Saturday, May 26, 2012

F-1 tornado confirmed north of Montreal

Power lines and several silos lie damaged north of Montreal in St-Benoit-de-Mirabel. (Radio Canada Photos)
Environment Canada has confirmed that an F-1 tornado, capable of winds up to 150km/h, struck the tiny rural community of St-Benoit-de-Mirabel northwest of Montreal. The storm struck last night at around 8:15pm as a line of severe thunderstorms moved across the region. Heavy rain and lightning accompanied the system that knocked power out to over 30,000 homes according to Hydro Quebec. No injuries were reported but major damage did occur to several silos and a 200 year old chapel that was destroyed. There was also damage and trees down in Coteau du Lac near Valleyfield not far from my home. While the airport in Montreal recorded 5.5mm of rain last night, I measured 23mm here at my home in about 30 minutes.
This 200 year old chapel was destroyed by the F-1 tornado in St-Benoit-de-Mirabel, 45km northwest of my home.
Today we are dealing with very poor air quality in Montreal. I noticed lots of smoke and haze this morning, likely caused by the northeast Ontario forest fires. The poor air has prompted Environment Quebec to issue a smog warning for metro Montreal.

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