Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Major flooding hits Montreal

Major flooding hit downtown Montreal around 5pm tonight. (CJAD)
As forecast earlier today, big thunderstorms swept the island of Montreal this afternoon causing major flooding downtown. Nearly 50mm of rain fell on the city in under 1 hour. The rain overwhelmed the Montreal sewer system flooding major roads and downtown businesses. Several downtown stores received flooding and were forced to close. The Ville Marie tunnel eastbound was closed as well as portions of Highways 138 and 20. Tornado warnings were in effect for the border areas of Lacolle and the Richelieu Valley. Flooding also occurred in Vermont and New York, and tornado warnings were in effect for parts of Vermont. The storms are farther off to the southeast now, and I am waiting for them here in coastal New Hampshire. 

Here in Maine and New Hampshire, we had dense fog all day as winds blew inland off the 10C (50F) Atlantic Ocean and ran into the warm and humid air. The cooler air here at the coast should knock down the storms quite a bit as they arrive by midnight.

Route 1-A on the Seacoast of New Hampshire, shrouded in fog today. 
The Atlantic Ocean believe it or not is on the left. (ValleyWx Picture)

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