Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ontario & Saskatchewan tornadoes

Environment Canada has confirmed two tornadoes touched down during Tuesday afternoons severe weather outbreak in Ontario and Quebec. The first tornado occurred at 1:45pm east of Cornwall in tiny Seaway community of Summerstown. The storm destroyed several tees and carved an area of damage 30 metres wide by 2km long. It was rated as an F-0 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale with estimated winds of 110km/h. The second tornado occurred around 3:30pm near Athens, Ontario north of Brockville. The storm was much larger at 300 metres wide and travelling 3km on the ground. This storm was estimated at F-1 strength with winds up to 140km/h possible. There have been 5 tornadoes reported in Ontario this season, normally 13 occur. No tornadoes have been confirmed in southern Quebec, however rotation was observed in several storm cells, including the one I photographed over Pointe Claire and numerous tornado warnings were issued.

From Greg Johnson at, just an awesome picture of one of yesterday's storms. This tornado was captured near Wadena, Saskatchewan.
Yesterday was another wild storm chasing day on the Prairies. Hot and unusually humid air was in place and three more tornadoes were reported. Saskatchewan has had an active year with nearly 2 dozen tornadoes reported. Thankfully there were no injuries reported in this latest outbreak. It remains warm and humid across southeast Saskatchewan today so the threat remains for more storms. Check out storm chaser Greg Johnson at well worth the visit.

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