Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Storm Update

A state of emergency was declared in Potsdam, New York after thunderstorms produced widespread power outages and damage on Tuesday.
 (Watertown Daily News)
Tranquil weather is upon us for a few days with typical mid July weather. Look for sunshine and comfortable humidity with high temperatures from 26 to 28C (80-83F) across the region. The same holds true for both Thursday and Friday before we see an increase in humidity again into the weekend and an increased risk of showers and storms. Many areas received a good soaking rain yesterday, in the range of 25mm. It fell way to fast to give any long term relief from the drought, but it was welcome. Montreal recorded close to 37mm, the same as here on L'Ile Perrot. Apparently golf ball size hail fell here on L'Ile Perrot according to CJAD, but it must have been away from my location. No damage was evident here from hail or any other type of severe weather. This was most likely the same cell that produced the funnel cloud over Lac St. Louis. The 4:40pm storm was nasty for sure as it clipped the southwest corner of the Island of Montreal, Ile Perrot and the Vaudreuil/Soulanges area. Hail, between 2 and 5cm in diameter fell from St Anicet eastward towards Huntingdon, southern Quebec's tornado alley. Since I was a kid, and I imagine longer than that, thunderstorms have avoided the city on average and passed through the farming communities between the St. Lawrence River and US border.

The other story yesterday was the heat with more records falling across Ontario. Officially Montreal was just shy of 30C with cloud cover most of the day capping the temperature. This was not the case in Ontario where Toronto reached 36.8C, Windsor 37.8C, Kingston 33C, and Ottawa a sweltering 34.8C, all records for the day.

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