Monday, February 04, 2013

A little light snow

Light snow and gusty winds Saturday created icy highways in and around Montreal.
It is another chilly morning in Montreal after a cold weekend with a current temperature of -13C. We will settle into some typical early February weather to start the week. A cold front will pass across the region this morning with a few flurries. Behind the front, winds will increase out of the west and gust between 40-60km/h which will level off the temperatures around -9C. Increasing winds will lower the windchill values and also create some blowing snow, especially off island to the south and west. We saw on the weekend how easily even a little snow can get blown around and ice up highways after the 2cm on Saturday.

Other areas up the St. Lawrence Valley near Brockville and over to Kingston reported heavy snow as squalls moved north off Lake Ontario. Up to 15cm of snow fell around Kingston in only a few hours Sunday morning.

Once skies clear this morning we will have mainly sunny skies. Tonight will be clear and cold with lows down to -20C. Tuesday looks sunny and cold with highs near -10C. The next threat for snow will come late Thursday and Friday when, depending on which model you choose, we could be in for a storm or another 1 to 2cm snow event like Saturday. Stay tuned!

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