Thursday, February 21, 2013

Over 100cm snow in the Gaspe

Spring is out there somewhere, but it does not look like it on L'Ile Perrot with the mountains of snow in my neighborhood. I have not seen my lawn since early December. We are buried and if it was not for the two major January thaws we would have even more. (ValleyWX Photos)
This is not a storm, right? At least that is what I blogged yesterday, but it sure feels like one. Low pressure near Sydney, Nova Scotia, continues to pinwheel waves of snow across southwestern Quebec. Most times the snow has been light but often it is not. The result has been 15-20cm (6-8 inches) across most metro regions with over 30cm in the Townships and Green Mountains of Vermont. Officially Trudeau Airport had 11cm yesterday  but with the west wind gusting over 60km/h it has been difficult to measure at best. It looks like 15cm here on L'Ile Perrot, but I have drifts in the backyard over 2 feet. The wind has been relentless for the last 24 hours with blowing snow creating havoc on south shore highways, including the new Autoroute 30 that had to be closed in sections yesterday due to whiteout conditions. This morning there have already been several major accidents on area highways as the wind and blowing snow continue, now with biting cold at -14C (6F) and windchills down in the minus 20's in Montreal.

100cm of snow in the Gaspe
Other parts of the province have been hit much harder, with over 100cm (40 inches) of snow from back to back storms across the Gaspe region. Strong winds have whipped the snow into to high drifts closing many roads. The Gaspe Airport has had visibility under 0.5km since last evening. They recorded 27cm of snow yesterday, to go with the 60cm already this week. There is relief in sight as the low pressure will move into the north Atlantic and release its grip on the area. Skies will clear out for Friday and it will be fair and warmer, up to 0C in the bright late February sun. More stormy weather is expected this weekend with rain and snow. More on that later today.

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