Friday, June 14, 2013

A few thoughts on weather & Father's Day

The Stars & Stripes being buffeted by rain and wind from the remains of Tropical Storm Andrea last Friday at North Hampton Beach. Happy Flag Day! 
(ValleyWX Photo)
Happy Father's Day weekend and Happy Flag Day to my US readers. It has been a long day here as I continue to suffer from one of the worst colds I have had in many, many years, not a great way to spend your birthday! I always find it ironic that I can survive the long, cold and dark winters virtually healthy only to come down with this type of cold bug in June!

Father's Day always reminds me of the role my later father played in my keen interest and understanding of weather. It was likely a June day like today in my very early years when he told me to encounter my profound fear of thunder by learning about it instead of running from it. Advice I wish I could apply to other areas of my life. I did learn, a little too closely, it may have backfired on him early as I began to understand the mechanics of thunderstorms and knew when they would occur, despite my parents telling me there would not  a storm on any given night. "Don't worry the skies are clear". Yes, but the humidity and dew point, southwest wind well you get it. Eventually curiosity and adventure overcame fear and I loved watching them instead of hiding under their bed when I heard thunder. This developed into a life long passion, constantly nurtured by Dad. Thank you for that and everything else you gave me.

Today was a rather warm day, 25C (77F) here on L'Ile Perrot with a few scattered showers and a rumble of thunder to our southwest but nothing here at the house. It will clear tonight setting up a spectacular Saturday, sunny at 24C. Father's Day Sunday at this time looks unsettled in southern Quebec and Ontario as low pressure will approach from the Great Lakes. Clouds will increase early with showers and thunderstorms by afternoon. Highs will be cooler around 19C. Enjoy the day despite the weather & give your Dad a big hug! I miss mine everyday.

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