Friday, June 07, 2013

A visit from Andrea on the Seacoast today

From ValleyWX: The surf is on the rise tonight along North Hampton Beach, NH. Andrea will bring rain tonight but move rapidly away on Saturday.
Sadly, today was my last full day here at the beach in New Hampshire, boy does time fly. Our last day was spent taking a cruise to the offshore Isle of Shoals. It was not the best day with rain and rising waves, but enjoyable just the same. The islands are about six miles out in the North Atlantic, and have stood the test of time, deeply rooted in history with lots of weather. It was appropriate that I went out on the northern edge of a post-tropical storm. It was not that bad, but as I write, the surf is rising with heavy rain moving in from the south here in Hampton Beach. Local forecasters have a flood watch in effect for up to three inches of rain overnight as Andrea moves northeast just off the coast. Winds will increase up to 25mph here, but the strongest winds will remain over the open waters and along Cape Cod.

I paid a visit to the Isle of Shoals today, six miles off the New Hampshire coast in the North Atlantic. This lighthouse on White Island has stood the test of time.
Andrea is moving rapidly northeast at 35mph with 45mph winds. The center is located northeast of Norfolk, VA. Along the path heavy rain, flooding and tornadoes have been a problem. Miami had over 13.5 inches of rain today with major flash flooding. Andrea will brush Cape Cod and then head across Nova Scotia into Newfoundland by Sunday. Warnings for 40-60mm of rain and 100km/h winds are widespread across Atlantic Canada.

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