Friday, June 28, 2013

Wet Canada Day weekend

Flood warnings remain in effect for a large portion of central and northern New York State. This picture is from Oswego, NY this morning. (WKTV - Utica)
We may manage a decent Canada Day Monday out of the next four days, but that would be about it. A big ridge will develop in the west with warm air across the southwest US streaming into waterlogged Alberta and Saskatchewan, however here in the east a conveyor belt of humidity and moisture will continue to move north from the Gulf of Mexico.

Today low pressure spinning its way across New York State will lift into southern Ontario this afternoon. The heaviest rain overnight, with extensive flooding, has been falling across central New York from Lake Ontario northeast towards the St. Lawrence Valley. That rain will move into southern Ontario and Quebec today with amounts in the order of 25-50mm (1-2 inches). I think the steadiest and heaviest rain with some thunder will be over eastern Ontario from Kingston to Cornwall. In Montreal winds have been strong overnight in the 30-50km range out of the northeast which means cool temperatures. We are currently at 14C and we will struggle to make it to 16C. The rain will taper later today, but the risk for showers and some thunder will be present each day right through the weekend as the flow of moist, humid air remains out of the southwest. Temperatures will warm back into the mid 20`s for the weekend. We may see a little more sun late Sunday into Monday.

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