Monday, September 30, 2013

More sunny & warm fall weather

As September slips into October, the weather remains absolutely perfect for Montreal and southern Quebec. A stubborn ridge of high pressure has provided us so far with 8 consecutive days of sunny, warm weather with highs over the weekend in the mid 20's. We have not had any precipitation since last Sunday and we will not see any before next Saturday. This morning a dissipating cold front is producing some showers across central and southern Ontario. This front will continue to weaken as it moves into Quebec with just clouds expected late today and this evening. Otherwise look for good weather through Friday with high temperatures in the middle 20's and lows either side of 10C. These are well above the normal high/low of 16/6C for Montreal.

Over the weekend a strong Pacific storm moved onto Vancouver Island affecting the entire south coast and portions of neighboring Washington State with 100km/h winds and 50-100mm (2-4 inches) of rainfall. Trees were knocked down, power was out to thousands of BC Hydro clients and flooding was reported.

Strong winds and flooding occurred this weekend along BC's south coast. 
(CBC News)

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