Friday, January 24, 2014

A break from the cold - some snow & wind Saturday

Montreal and portions of Ontario and southern Quebec will get a break from this intense cold on Saturday. But before that we have another frigid morning in the city with current temperatures at -24C. A stiff breeze is making it feel like -30C or lower. It was another quick walk with my puppy, she was just as happy as I was to end it. It has been a miserable month, even with the thaw in the middle, this cold really wears you down. Hydro Quebec reported record consumption on Wednesday morning. The cold has also lead to a rash of fires in Quebec, as is the case in this weather, they are very difficult for firefighters, dealing with intense cold.

The break will come at  a price on Saturday as a windy Alberta Clipper moves from the Great Lakes across Quebec. A period of snow will develop Saturday and be blown around by some gusty winds. The heaviest snow will fall closer to the Great Lakes and Ontario where 5-15cm is possible, here in southern Quebec 2 to perhaps 5cm. It will not be a big snowfall but gusty winds between 50 and 80km/h will blow it around, again especially in Ontario. Temperatures will rise today and tonight and reach a respectable -5C on Saturday. It will turn colder on Sunday so enjoy the one day reprieve. A couple of arctic fronts late Saturday and again late Sunday will put us back in the deep freeze by Monday morning.

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