Friday, January 17, 2014

Colder weather this weekend with some snow for Quebec

A dip in the jet stream will allow for some much colder air to work its way into eastern Canada and the US over the next few days. Yesterday was another mild day across the region with highs around 2C and a decent amount of welcome sunshine through the middle hours of the day.

The trend will be to move away from these above normal temperatures and back towards a normal January/mid-winter pattern. It will not be as cold as it was to start the new year but it will be much colder than it has been. We start today with cloud cover and another week low pressure area moving west of Montreal. A few flurries and a mild high of 0C are forecast. On Saturday and Sunday a couple of stronger clipper type systems will move across the region with lots of clouds and periods of light snow with progressively colder weather. This will not be a storm in any sense of the word, but 3-8cm are possible by the end of the weekend in many areas, especially away from the city.

By Sunday night an arctic cold front will cross the region setting the stage for a few days next week with lows around -20C and highs around -15C in Montreal. After the above freezing weather and melting snow of this week, that will seem frightfully cold!

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