Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter returns to Ontario & Quebec - cold windchills

An arctic boundary slipped south of Montreal this morning and into upstate New York. Cold air is now pouring into Ontario and Quebec after the mild thaw of last week. Along the front some decent snow squalls occurred late last evening but only dropped between 1-4cm of snow across the region. Light snow is still falling here on L'Ile Perrot as the cold air deepens. We started the night at around -2C and are currently at -12C. This will likely be out high for the day with temperatures continuing to drop to overnight lows of -23C by Tuesday morning. Precipitation should end and sunshine return by late in the day. Winds will be light to moderate at times with windchill readings around -30C by late this afternoon. Windchill advisories are in effect for the US side of the valley in upstate New York and for regions of Quebec well northwest of Montreal.

It will be a cold week with lows of -20 to -23C and daytime highs from -20C to -17C. It will warm a little on Friday ahead of another cold front approaching the region by late Saturday. At this time no major snowstorms are on the horizon for Montreal with just some nuisance snow expected next Saturday. This cold snap will not be as bad as the one to start the month, nevertheless cold air will push south right to the Gulf of Mexico with sub zero Celsius weather forecast to Florida. A coastal storm will brush the middle Atlantic and southern New England region Tuesday with perhaps 15cm (6 inches) of snow in places.

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