Sunday, December 27, 2015

Freezing rain and snow as winter weather returns

Freezing Rain Warning posted for southern Quebec and eastern Ontario.

Less than 48 hours after our summery Christmas Eve, winter is making a major comeback. Freezing rain is falling this morning along the 401 corridor from Kingston into metro Montreal. North of Montreal snow and sleet are falling. A wide range of warnings are in effect, so if you plan to travel, do so with great care. For many, this is the first winter weather this season. Temperatures in Montreal are just below the freezing point this morning making for slippery travel. The freezing rain should change to snow today with the temperature steady near -1C (30F). Skies will briefly clear this evening with cold overnight lows near -10C (14F). Another storm will approach southern Quebec for late Monday and Tuesday. I will post more on that weather once today's system clears out.

A terrifying video capture of a deadly tornado in the Dallas metro region late Saturday.
The storm causing our return to winter is an area of low pressure lifting north into the Great Lakes. This system has been deadly with multiple tornadoes occurring Saturday night in the Dallas metro region. At least 11 fatalities were reported, 5 alone in Garland, Texas. Meanwhile in west Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, blizzard conditions were reported. Along the frontal boundary associated with the storm, freezing rain is occurring in an narrow band from the southern US plains to the St. Lawrence Valley. Major flooding has been occurring across the Mississippi Valley from this same storm.

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