Monday, December 21, 2015

Warmest Christmas Eve on record for Montreal

We are about to experience the warmest Christmas Eve on record here in Montreal, most of eastern Canada, and up and down the  east coast of the US. (AccuWeather)
I hope you enjoyed our brief taste of winter this past weekend because it is going to turn very warm this week in Montreal. Sunday was the coldest day of December in Montreal with a high of 0.0C (32F), technically not above freezing but still well above normal. That makes 20 days now without a high below the freezing point. Lake effect snow managed to work its way into southern Quebec and New England on Saturday with a trace to 1cm here in Montreal, but up to 5cm south of the city along the US border and into northern New York and Vermont. A rash of accidents occurred as drivers did not adjust to the sudden change in weather. Winds were strong and temperatures much colder than we have experienced.
The brief winter weather this weekend caused numerous accidents, including this one on I-89 south near St. Albans, Vermont. The drivers were not hurt as this Brinks truck hit the ditch. (WCAX TV Photo)
Record warmth for Christmas
It is back to warm weather this week as high pressure moves off the east coast and pumps warm and moist air north into the region. High temperatures today will be around 4C (40F), but warm to 7C (45F) Tuesday and then 15 to 30 degrees above normal by Christmas Eve. The high in Montreal is expected to be around 15C (59F) on the 24th which would shatter the record of 8.3C (47F) set in 1957. All up and down the east coast previous record highs are forecast to tumble. From Washington to New York City, Toronto to Burlington, Vermont and here in Montreal highs will range from 15C to as warm as 22C (60-72F). As a result no snow is expected this week with just some rain today and again Thursday. This will be the second consecutive green Christmas for Montreal. It will not turn colder again until Boxing Day.

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