Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Warm weather and rain for Christmas in Ontario & Quebec

More record high temperatures are expected as we head into the Christmas break next week. (AccuWeather)
What more can you say about this month, you are living through what will likely be the warmest December on record for Montreal, dating back to 1871. As of yesterday, the average daily high for the first 15 days of the month was 6.1C (43F), the normal average high should have been -1.4C (29F). The overnight lows are even more dramatic with the first 15 days of this month having an average low of 0.6C (33F), yes above freezing. The normal average low should be -9.3C (15F). Snowfall has been negligible with only 0.2cm recorded at Trudeau Airport. We have spent the last 15 days above freezing during the day and will likely spend the next 16 as well. I see no real threat for cold air or snow until January. We are actually looking at what could be the warmest Christmas period ever for numerous locations in eastern Canada and along the east coast of the US. A white Christmas is unlikely for anybody east of the Mississippi Valley. The snow that fell in Atlantic Canada over the last 24 hours should melt quickly.

We could have been even warmer the last 48 hours, but a stubborn northeast wind in the St. Lawrence Valley held temperatures down around 4C here in Montreal. You did not have to go far south to see record warmth in the low to middle teens. The balance of this week will be mild with rain developing on Thursday as low pressure moves towards James Bay. The weekend will be slightly cooler behind the system with perhaps a few flurries Saturday. The cooler air will be short lived with high pressure pumping more warm air north next week. Temperatures by Christmas Eve could be over 10C (50F) for Montreal. No snow is forecast next week.

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