Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bitter cold in Montreal and Ottawa through Sunday

Bitter cold air will invade southern Quebec this weekend. Temperatures Saturday and Sunday morning could be as low as -30C.
The temperature is -40C this morning at Eureka, Nunavut, the coldest reading in Canada. In Quebec, it is -35C at La Grande Riviere. That arctic air is heading straight south across the Great Lakes and into southern Quebec, Ontario and the eastern US by Friday. Temperatures this weekend will be the coldest of the winter. We are getting a taste of that cold air this morning. The current temperature is -13C (9F) with persistent light snow that has been around all week in Montreal. Amounts will be light once again today with perhaps a centimetre or two at best. The temperature will not move at all, remaining cold all day with a gusty west wind. On Friday, a clipper-type low-pressure system and arctic front will cross the St. Lawrence Valley late in the day, with some rather robust snow squalls and strong winds. Behind that front, frigid air will pour into the area. Overnight lows by Saturday morning will range from -22 (-8F) to as cold as -30C (-20F) in southern Quebec. Add a light breeze to that and windchill readings could be in the minus 30's. The cold air will remain on Saturday with daytime highs near -19C (-2F) in Montreal.

Sunday will be a little less cold as winds lessen and some sunshine returns. The high temperature will be near -16C (5F). After the mild winter we have had, these temperatures will be bitter and downright dangerous. Prepare to dress warmly and keep your pets indoors, my Bella, apparently needs blankets as well. Looking ahead to next week, we can expect a moderation in temperatures along with a chance for precipitation by Tuesday. Some computer models are hinting at a rather potent storm Tuesday for southern Quebec and eastern Ontario. I will post more on that Friday.

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