Friday, October 23, 2009

50/50 Weekend

A skiff of snow lines the edges of the elevated expressways this morning in Montreal and I noticed most cars coming from the Townships had quite a bit of snow on them. It was the result of the leftover precipitation behind last nights cold front ending as a little wet snow. Time now for the snow tires before the next round.

Today will start sunny, but clouds are on the increase as strong low pressure over Illinois move northeast towards eastern Ontario. Strong winds and heavy rain will overspread the region today from Ontario towards the Ottawa Valley this evening. The rain, heavy at times and winds of up to 60km/h will move into Montreal overnight. About 20-30mm is expected by the time the precipitation tapers off on Saturday night. it will be much milder with the system with temperatures rising overnight to a Saturday daytime high of 16C.

High pressure will clear skies out on Sunday and it will be slightly cooler at 11C.

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