Monday, October 19, 2009

Frosty morning

In addition to the snow and rain, parts of coastal New England were battered by several days of high surf and strong winds. Plum Island, Massachusetts, one of my favorite vacation spots is shown above is this photo taken yesterday. The coastal flooding caused beach erosion, flooding and damaged some homes.

There was a hard freeze in all areas last night with temperatures as cold as -3C in Montreal and -5 to -7C in outlying regions of rural Quebec and Ontario (-6C in Kemptville). There was even an icy layer of fog south of Montreal creating very slippery conditions on some roads, with you guessed it, cars in the ditch. Today will be sunny with warming temperatures to 10C. The storms of the weekend remained well east of our area with only a few stray clouds moving in Saturday. The New England storm is now moving towards Newfoundland with snow and rain forecast. Parts of central and western Newfoundland could see over 10cm of wet snow. The snow has ended in New England with several inches on the ground. It was one of the earliest tastes of winter on record for the region.

This weeks weather will feature unsettled conditions with some showers most of the week after our sunny Monday, but milder. Next weekend may be interesting with a large fall storm developing over the Great Lakes Thursday and controlling our weather well into the weekend.

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