Sunday, October 18, 2009

New England Snow

The Pats embarrass the Titans 59-0 in a snowstorm today in Foxborough, Mass.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots knew just what weary Red Sox fans needed to perk them up, a record victory in an early season snowstorm. I could not believe the weather (or the score) that was occurring in Foxborough, Massachusetts today. Despite the heavy wet snow, strong winds and cold, the Patriots destroyed the Titans 59-0. The weather was as big a story as the game itself. Low pressure passing over the Atlantic coast well east of Cape Cod produced heavy precipitation along the entire coastline. Just enough cold air mixed into the storm to produce wet snow across the interior regions of central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Along the coast heavy rain and very strong winds, over 40mph, are producing some coastal flooding. Advisories are in effect tonight. The storm will continue to move northeast towards Atlantic Canada, with 30mm of rain and 40-60km/h winds forecast for Halifax.

The weather in southern New England was in stark contrast to the beautiful fall weekend southern Quebec and Ontario had. Sunny both days, with just a few cloudy periods, and seasonable highs in the 8 to 10C range, with cool overnight lows below freezing.

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