Friday, October 30, 2009

A windy Halloween

Snow fell in Denver this week. Are we next?

The strong winter storm that has been affecting the US Rockies and central plains is beginning to move northeast. The storm was responsible for nearly 40 inches of snow north and west of Denver with roads closed and power outages reported. The system is trailing a cold front that has produced severe weather in the Midwest and southern plains. That cold front will play a major role in our Halloween weather. As the storm moves across the Dakotas and into northwest Ontario, the cold front will approach the St. Lawrence Valley. Look for strong southwest winds ahead of the front to develop tonight and push the mercury up to the 19C mark in Montreal for Halloween. That is the good news. The bad news is it will be blustery with winds gusting from 50 to 70km/h and even approaching 90km/h in places. We may need advisories on this weather situation, but that will be determined at some point later today. It will not be a washout, but the front will generate a period of heavy showers late in the day Saturday. It will be cooler and dry on Sunday as high pressure follows and the temperature reaches 10C.

Next weeks weather looks interesting by the end of the week, and by that I mean snow is possible. I put my winter tires on the old Saturn this morning, and usually I am pretty good with these things. I would do the same soon as well.

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