Sunday, November 29, 2009

137 mph winds!

Well it appears winter is upon us. OK my headline caught your attention. First off the move is complete and I am now back among the cyber living with a new Videotron Cable internet connection and in a new home southwest of Montreal about 50km from the downtown.

Now the winter thingy...that storm on Friday that bombed out moving up the east coast, produced some impressive snowfalls east and south of Montreal. Here in the city not even a flake. We had 15mm or so of rain and gusty winds close to 50km/h at times or about 30mph. Well compare that to Mt. Mansfield where 20 inches of snow fell and winds topped out in the 50mph range. Not enough yet, how about Mt. Washington. They recorded there strongest wind of 2009 with and incredible & unbelievable gust to just over 137mph. (use the link on left to read the observers comments). Combine that with sub zero cold wind chills and nearly 25 inches of snow and you can see it was a storm to be reckoned with.

We are going to see a transition in the weather pattern this week with winter beginning to settle in. It has been a warm November, but as the month draws to a close several fronts and low pressure this week should bring us our first accumulating snow. Tonight showers will develop and change to snow by morning from Ottawa across the Laurentians and into Montreal. A few centimetres may fall north of the city. An even better change of snow will come Thursday as low pressure moves up the Atlantic Coast. Cold air will be established over the St. Lawrence Valley, and snow is expected. How much? Too soon to tell, but be ready for winter weather this week. I will update this situation later today.

By the way today is the Grey Cup in Calgary. The forecast is expected to be ideal for football, partly cloudy and 8C.


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