Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day

Please take time to remember today.

The weather will be ideal for most parts of the country this November 11. Temperatures are close to normal here in Montreal and Eastern Ontario (plus 7 to 10C). It will be sunny and dry. The evenings will be seasonable with lows below freezing (0C to -4C). The next chance for rain will come this weekend. There is not much certainty at this time with the weekend forecast as we wait to see what the remains of Hurricane Ida do.

Ida moved inland along the Alabama coast yesterday with high surf and very heavy rains. The rainfall amounts will be excessive in the 4 to 8 inch range (so far almost 6 inches of rain have been reported in Alabama and the Florida panhandle). As the system moves off the southeast coast it is expected to become a very intense coastal storm with strong winds and destructive tides along the coast from Georgia northward to the middle Atlantic and especially the Carolina's. Numerous warnings are in place for coastal flooding and storm surge. NWS radar this morning is showing very heavy rain in the Carolina's and showers from the system as far north as New York City. High pressure over our area combined with Ida will produce a strong onshore flow along the Atlantic Coast along with strong storm force winds. Coastal damage is expected.

The Florida Coast yesterday as Ida moved inland with primarily flooding. AP Photo

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Mark'sWxWorld said...

Hi, Hope your enjoying your day so far! I was wondering is there anywhere that displays Canada's warmest ans coldest for the day? I wondered what the warmest reading was during last weeks major warmth that spread from the Great Plains into south-central Canada..

Thanks, Mark