Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Slippery commute

The fog rolls in just after sunrise this morning along the Lakeshore in Montreal. The conditions made roads very slippery.

A little taste of winter this morning along the St. Lawrence Valley here in Montreal. After a brilliant sunrise just before 7am, the temperature lowered to dew point temperature and dense fog began to rapidly form along the riverfront. The fog spread across the region and deposited a thin layer of moisture that froze on contact with bridges and overpasses. The result was several serious accidents and a very slow commute in the Montreal region. At 6am this morning Trudeau Airport reported 24km visibility with clear skies. As of 9am we were down to 0.8km visibility with ice fog being recorded by the observer. Roads, especially elevated surfaces, remain slippery. Caution is advised this morning while traveling until about noon when the sun will burn off the fog.

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