Monday, November 09, 2009

Hurricane Ida

Ida this morning in the Gulf of Mexico south of the Mississippi Coast. (NWS Photo)

It is fitting that post number 800 for Valley Weather will be about a Hurricane...

Hurricane Warnings are in effect for the US Gulf Coast from Mississippi over to the Florida panhandle, while a Tropical Storm Warning is posted for the Louisiana coast including New Orleans. This morning Hurricane Ida is located about 235 miles SSE of the mouth of the Mississippi River and moving NNW at 16mph. The storm has lost some strength and is now back to a Category 1 after peaking at a 2 with 105mph winds yesterday afternoon. Very little change in strength is expected before the storm moves inland tonight. There is still some uncertainty in the forecast track, but despite that, the storm will still bring rising surf and heavy rains to the region. A surge of 3-6 feet above normal tides is expected along with 4 to 8 inches of rainfall. It is still too soon to tell what further impacts up and along the east coast that Ida will have, but most indications at this time are that the system will remain to the south and east of New England. Heavy rain is forecast in the southeast US.

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