Thursday, September 27, 2012

Frost warning - southern Quebec

After the passage of Wednesday's cold front, Montreal has dropped to a chilly 6C this morning. We are in for a partly cloudy day today with highs no better than 15C. Skies will clear tonight as high pressure crests over the area. Under clear skies with calm winds temperatures will drop to at or just below the freezing point across most of southern Quebec with a widespread frost expected. For this reason all of southern Quebec is under a frost warning. The exception will be near Montreal where temperatures in the metro region will remain just above freezing at 3 of 4C with just patchy frost expected.

Above I have posted a NOAA satellite shot of a very impressive storm hitting Alaska with strong winds and flooding rains. The trailing front is bringing heavy rains to the B.C. interior with warnings in effect. The intense storm is just a prelude to the what we can expect as October approaches and the battle of the seasons begins. The center almost looks like a hurricane, but has the classic comma shape of a strong mid-latitude storm.

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