Friday, September 21, 2012

Here comes fall 2012

A fall sky greeted me this morning in North Hampton Beach. Fall arrives Saturday morning at 10:49. It is 49F here on the coast.
Fall arrives at 10:49AM Eastern Time on Saturday, and right along with it will be the stormy and chilly weather. Today will be cloudy in Montreal and most of southern Quebec along with a few showers. More showers and thunderstorms are possible on Saturday as another strong cold front moves across the Great Lakes and into Quebec. Behind that front the coldest air of the month/season so far will build in with highs remaining below 15C Sunday and well into next week. There will likely be more frost in many areas as lows head towards the freezing point, bringing what was a warm and dry growing season mercifully to an end.

The good news is the extended forecast from the National Weather Service for New England and the border areas of southern Quebec and the Great Lakes basin is for a warmer than average fall with near normal rainfall. So here is hoping the cold weather is still months away! That being said this is my last day on the Atlantic Coast (then back to reality) and it is cloudy at a cold 9C this morning. But I still have my shorts on and off to the beach I go, all mind over temperature!

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