Monday, September 17, 2012

Frosty start - now heavy rain

Enjoy today, it will be sunny and quite warm with highs pushing towards 26C in southern Quebec.We had a mild overnight in Montreal compared to some other regions. Scattered frost was reported across portions of Quebec into New England with lows ac cold as -1C in northern New Hampshire. Montreal only dropped to 13C, much warmer than the 4C (39F) on Sunday morning. As mentioned sunshine and warmth today, followed by a strong cold front and low pressure on Tuesday. Rain and southwest winds will increase across Ontario and Quebec and into New England on Tuesday with as much as 50mm of rain (2 inches) possible. Winds will gust up and over 50km/h. The rain will last most of Tuesday into the evening before things settle down mid-week and it turns a little colder again.

Compliments of distant Hurricane Nadine, the rolling surf in Hampton Beach on Sunday. (ValleyWX Pic)
I have taken the blog on the road again. Actually I am writing this overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean in North Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. The visibility is ideal this morning, so I can actually see the Isle of Shoals 5 miles offshore in the Atlantic along the Maine border. The rolling surf at low tide has attracted the usual collection of surfers, braving the 8C morning and 15C water. Honestly if I had a wet suit I would join them and not be writing this, a future investment for sure. The weather has been ideal down here, chilly but nice for September. The same cold front that will bring rain to Montreal will produce strong winds up to 30mph and heavy showers with some thunder here on Tuesday night. No worries, I love all weather, regardless of vacation time or not. Yesterday I spent the day walking the beach and in Newburyport, Mass. The waves were high, over 4 feet as distant Hurricane Nadine produced swells. Today will be calmer and warmer, off to Plum Island I go.

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