Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Strong winds & heavy rain

Red sky in morning, sailor take warning...

A brilliant red sky has greeted us here on North Hampton Beach, but don't let the start to the day fool you along the east coast and into Quebec. An unusually strong and early fall storm is lifting across the Great Lakes and into Ontario. Along with it is heavy rain, in excess of 50mm, strong winds up to 90km/h, especially in the Richelieu Valley, as well as thunderstorms. The rain will move into Montreal shortly along with increasing gusty winds. It will be mild today up to 21C, before a cooling off behind the front overnight. Wednesday will be breezy and very fall like with a high of 13C.

This mornings beautiful sunrise in North Hampton Beach is a warning of things to come. (ValleyWX Pic)
Hampton Beach
Severe weather will impact a large area from New York to the deep south today. As the storm lifts into Quebec it will drag a potent cold front across the east. That front will be the focus for heavy thunderstorms with a quick 2-3 inches of rain from New Hampshire south this evening. Here along the coast we have a gale warning in effect for winds over 50mph with inland high wind advisories. I will post photos later tonight.

A series of warnings are in effect for heavy rain and high winds along the entire east coast and into southern Quebec. A special weather statement has been posted for eastern Ontario. It will be a wet and windy 24 hours, be safe. Now I am heading down I-95 to Boston.

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