Thursday, November 08, 2012

Big storms east - west, quiet in Montreal

More misery in NYC - Heavy snow forced out the plows along Queens Blvd in New York on Wednesday night.
For the second year in a row portions of the middle Atlantic and Northeast have seen there first measurable snowfall way before Montreal as well as most of southern Quebec and Ontario. A big nor'easter, called Athena by the US based The Weather Channel (TWC), has been affecting the portion of the coast devastated by Sandy  Snowfall amounts of up to 30cm (1 foot) have been reported across interior Connecticut and New York, along with 10-20cm amounts (4-8 inches) elsewhere including hard hit metro New York. Another 100,000 homes were plunged into the dark from this storm, while 1/2 million remain without power and heat from Sandy. Strong winds up to 60mph and heavy surf resulted in more evacuations along the Jersey Shore. The storm continues to produce strong winds in New England and towards Atlantic Canada this morning but they will abate later today. Streaming clouds from the southeast and cold northeast winds are about the only signs of the storm here in Montreal this morning. High pressure will dominate our area into the first half of the weekend with clearing skies later today as the storm pulls off to the east. Sunshine will prevail Friday and Saturday with warming temperatures. Highs will be around 4C today through Saturday before the mercury jumps to 12C on Sunday.

A surreal scene from the Rockaway section of metro New York City as snow streams past a grounded boat, left there by Hurricane Sandy last week. ( photos)
 Prairie Blizzard
Another potent snowstorm (Brutus, again by TWC) is taking shape in the central Rockies. This storm is forecast to move across Montana and northeast into Manitoba and northwest Ontario. Along and to the north of the path strong winds and heavy snow will produce blizzard conditions across extreme southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. A winter storm warning is in effect for those areas including Gravelbourg and Assiniboia for 15-25cm of snow. Travel will become dangerous later today and Friday in heavy snow and blowing snow. Temperatures will plummet behind the storm with the coldest air of the season moving in and sending lows into the minus 20's on the weekend. The same storm will also affect Montana and North Dakota where blizzard warnings are posted.

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