Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lest We Forget


Please take time to pay tribute to those who have served our country so bravely over the years. My dad instilled in me at an early age the importance of wearing a poppy. He told me to show respect in some way to all those who have paid the supreme sacrifice to give us this great, free and safe country we call home. Without their efforts this would be a far different Canada today than it is. So please at 11am this Sunday, give a moment of silence to them. I will be heading out to the ceremony in Pointe Claire which starts at 10:45am. There are others ceremonies scattered around the city and province, so find one if you can.

It will be damp and chilly in Montreal for the ceremonies as a warm front tries to lift north of the St Lawrence Valley. The front has produced a cold light rain in Montreal with pockets of freezing rain north and east of the city and across the Ottawa Valley into central Ontario. There was even a line of thunderstorms along the front late last night that affected portions of southern Ontario with a rare November light show. Skies will slowly clear later today in the city, setting the stage for near record warmth on Monday with highs near 16C in Montreal but up to 20C south of the city.

This front is part of the same storm that gave blizzard conditions to Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta Friday and Saturday. The snow continues today in Manitoba with around 20cm so far in Winnipeg and 30cm in Regina. Winds will very slowly ease today but frigid air is in place with. Regina currently is -12C with a wind of 48km/h and a windchill of -23C. Edmonton is -19C. There is still lots of blowing snow along the Trans Canada and travel remains dangerous there.

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