Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Record highs - and now back to reality

The incredible temperature rise from St Anicet, Quebec near Cornwall yesterday. They reached a high of 24.5C (76F) obliterating the old record of 12.7C set in 2010. They are 4C (39F) at 8am.
That was one potent cold front the swept the province of Ontario and Quebec last night sending temperatures from record highs back to the freezing point in a matter of hours. Montreal started the day Monday at -1C (30F) before soaring to a record high of 18.8C by noon. That smashed the previous record of 15.5 set in 1982. Others cities that broke their 1982 records were Kemptville and Ottawa both reaching 21.1C (70F). Ottawa has flurries and 1C (33F) this morning, how is that for a temperature drop! Other records included 70F at Burlington, Vermont. They also smashed there overnight low record at 58F beating 49F set way back in 1909. Massena/Cornwall reached 75F (24C) beating the record set of 70 set in 1982. Mount Mansfield, Vermont recorded a wind gust to hurricane force of 75mph in advance of the cold front at 11:25pm.

The front roared through Montreal at 1am this morning with a wind gust to 72km/h at Trudeau Airport. The temperature fell from 15C at midnight, just shy of another record high for today, all the way down to 5C this morning. There were even a few flurries in the air on L'Ile Perrot as I was driving to work. We are in for a blustery and cold day with temperatures dropping to around 2 or 3C.

The good news is the balance of the week will be sunny and dry with cool temperatures. Lows will be below freezing at -2 to -5C with highs of 1C to 4C. This is close to normal for November 13.

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