Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dry warm weather finally for Montreal - region

After what has seemed like an endless supply of moisture, a period of warm and most importantly dry weather is upon us. As I stated yesterday morning, Montreal has not had a tremendous amount of rain this month as compared to neighboring communities, but it has been very humid with lots of clouds and mist around. The air quality has been generally poor this month. Yesterday was another very humid day with the temperature hitting nearly 30C. A cold front pushed through  last evening with lots of thunderstorm activity across Ontario and the St. Lawrence Valley, but very little in Montreal and nothing here on L'Ile Perrot. We squeezed about 3 to 5mm of rain out of the showers yesterday, but the bulk of storminess was south and west of the city.

High pressure will now rule the weather into the weekend with sunshine and increasing heat. Highs today will be around 24C (76F) but are expected to rise to nearly 32C (90F) by Sunday and last well into next week. By Sunday the humidity will be building again and along with that the risk of thunderstorms.

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