Thursday, July 25, 2013

From too hot to a September chill in Montreal

A chaotic sky late Tuesday here on L'Ile Perrot as a potent cold front arrives from Ontario at sunset. Thunderstorms can be seen developing off to the west. 
(ValleyWX Photo)

This summer has featured a little bit of everything across southern Quebec, really we have seen it all. The latest season to pay a visit to the summer of 2013 is late fall, and that is what it felt like walking the dog this morning. I had shorts on, as I always do in July, I refuse to put on jeans. We narrowly missed a record low this morning as the temperature dipped to 8.4C (47F) here on L'Ile Perrot, the record 8.3C set in 1976. The airport was a touch milder near 10C (50F). Regions north and south of the city dropped as low as 6C with Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks hitting 0C (33F) in July. This comes after another hot and humid day on Tuesday that saw temperatures pushing 30C once gain in several spots. Thunderstorms along a potent cold front late Tuesday passed well north and south of my location here on L''Ile Perrot.

On Wednesday stubborn low clouds hung around all day in Montreal, and after early morning highs of 22C here in the city, the temperature fell to 15C (59F) and remained there most of the day making it feel like late September. Temperatures are recovering rapidly this morning in the warm July sun as we have hit 13C (55F) already. Looks for dry and mild weather today and Friday with highs of 22C (72F) today, up to 26C (79F) tomorrow. The weekend looks warmer and more humid with showers and thunderstorms from late Saturday into Sunday.

Tropical Storm Dorion has formed in the open waters of the eastern Atlantic. The storm has 60mph winds this morning and is located 700 miles west of the Cape Verde Islands. The storm is moving west northwest at 17mph and will move to lie north of Puerto Rico by Monday.

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