Thursday, July 04, 2013

More stagnant humid air for Ontario & Quebec.

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers. Enjoy the holiday and be safe.

We have a forecast similar to Groundhog Day! I am of course referencing the movie which featured the same day over and over again until Bill Murray got it right. Well apparently we are stuck in the same regime as he was and can't seem to get it right. More clouds, more heat and humidity along with very poor air quality in Montreal. A warm Bermuda high remains anchored off the east coast, while a trough of low pressure lies over the Midwest. In between you have Montreal and most of the east coast. Showers and thunderstorms are likely today in several regions as they have been all this week and last. The difference today is the activity should shift a little further north towards upstate NY and southern Quebec. All week the thunderstorm activity and flash flooding has been across central NY and Vermont. Major flash flooding occurred yesterday in southern Vermont one day after the fierce floods that washed out roads and damaged homes in the Lebanon, New Hampshire area. Storms should fire up after lunch in Montreal with a 40% chance, but I already see some on radar this morning in Ontario.
From WCAX TV 3, some of the washed out roads from Tuesday's thunderstorms in Lebanon, New Hampshire.
The patter will remain in place through the weekend here in Montreal and across eastern Ontario and New England. Showers, thunderstorms, warm and sticky. Daytime highs in Montreal will be in the 28 to 30C range with warm overnight lows of 21C. Here on L'Ile Perrot I already have 24C (76F) at 7:30. With a relative humidity of 88% we already have tropical dew points in the 20's. Stay cool and watch the sky.

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