Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ottawa EF-0 tornado confirmed

From an EF-0 tornado forms near Orleans, Ontario Monday.
Environment Canada has confirmed that an EF-0 tornado touched down briefly at Pine View Golf Course in the east end Ottawa suburb of Orleans late Monday afternoon. The 5:15pm tornado left about 30 trees snapped like match sticks with winds estimated up to 110 km/h. The storm was part of a series of thunderstorm cells that developed in unstable and humid air on Monday. Several showers and brief thunderstorms also affected Montreal around the lunch hour Monday with brief heavy rain and lightning but thankfully no damage this time. One element of the storms in Montreal I did notice was how much cold air was brought down to the surface during them. The temperature in Montreal fell from 24C to 17C in a matter of minutes around 1pm on Monday.

Tree damage at Pine View Golf in Orleans. (CTV News)
This was the 10th tornado of the season in Ontario. The enhanced Fujita scale (EF scale) is divided into six categories with EF-0 being the weakest and EF-5 being the strongest. On average, 12 tornadoes are verified each year in Ontario during a season that runs from late April until early October. Despite lots of straight line wind damage this summer, only one tornado has been confirmed in Quebec this year.

Wet weather for Montreal & Ontario
Enjoy the sunshine and warm high temperatures near 27C (81F) today because much cooler and wet weather is on the way beginning late Thursday well into this weekend. A cold front will produce showers and thunderstorms on Thursday and then our weather will be influenced by low pressure. A big and slow moving upper air low pressure system will provide much below normal temperatures and the threat for showers and some thunder all weekend as it moves across eastern Ontario and southern Quebec. Highs will only be near 20C (68F) from Friday through Sunday, certainly a taste of Fall to start August.

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