Thursday, November 07, 2013

Cold weather returns to Montreal - snow next week?

The back edge of a cold front is nearly through Montreal this morning with winds increasing out of the southwest and light rain falling. About 5mm of rain fell since late Wednesday with just a few more sprinkles expected. Skies will slowly clear out today with gusty winds up to 60km/h. The high was reached in the wee hours this morning at nearly 15C (59F), we currently sit at 11C and will drop to 4C by late this afternoon. Look for lows around -1C tonight with perhaps a stray snowflake. The weekend at this time from Friday to Sunday looks quite variable with colder temperatures and the chance of some rain or snow showers late Saturday. There may be more snow by next Tuesday as colder air filters into the east with temperatures running well below normal. Any precipitation at this time would be light, but it could be snow. Stay tuned!

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