Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Messy storm slams region

Just some of the 10cm of heavy wet snow that fell on L'Ile Perrot overnight.
About 10cm of very heavy wet snow has fallen overnight in and around Montreal with 19cm so far in Ottawa. All this has created problems this morning with icy roads north and west of the city and flooded roads in Montreal and south of the city. Temperatures are right at the freezing point so it remains a mixed bag depending where you are in metro Montreal. It is all snow in Ottawa. 

Schools are closed north of the city across the lower Laurentians. All school bus service has been cancelled in eastern Ontario. There are delays at the airport and some power outages are reported with the Hydro Quebec website indicating 11,000 in the dark. I was awakened this morning by the distinct flash and sound of a transformer shorting out to my north. Low pressure continues to deepen near New York City this morning and will move across eastern New England today. It is a mild 0C on L'Ile Perrot this morning but colder air will spill back into the area late this afternoon with any rain changing back to snow. Winds will also increase to 60km/h and temperatures will plummet to -7C tonight. All this water will freeze up, keep this in mind.

At around 8pm last evening a loud rumble along with a bright flash was observed from the West Island across Vaudreuil/Hudson and as far west as Ottawa and south into New York State. It rattled windows and startled thousands. After all the usual suspects were ruled out, including weather, earthquakes or explosion, it appears a meteorite may have entered the atmosphere, exploding high above the earth's surface.

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