Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Welcome to winter - snow by Sunday in Montreal

Well it really feels like mid-winter this morning in Montreal and clear across the country. Temperatures this morning are in the -7C to -10C range across the metro region. Thankfully the wind has finally dropped off after two days of gusts over 50km/h. It will be sunny today but chilly with highs only around 0C for Montreal. A frontal system will approach the region Friday with a warm front crossing southern Quebec. The front will produce some showers and slightly milder highs of 4C. By the weekend a strong arctic cold front will cross Ontario and Quebec with the coldest air of the season arriving by Sunday. The cold air will be accompanied by snow squalls and wind with driving conditions likely being very winter like by Sunday from the Great Lakes into Montreal. High temperatures by Sunday will be no better than -3. More details will follow on that scenario as the event draws closer, but prepare for winter driving now.

Maggie the dog survived 30 hours buried in the rubble after the Washington, Illinois tornado on Sunday. (TWC Photo)
By now most of my regular readers of this blog know how much I love dogs. I often feature or speak of my little 22 pound Terrier rescue Bella, who actually saved me. She is a gem who would give her life to save mine, that I have no doubt. Over the weekend a series of just devastating tornadoes swept across the upper Midwest US from Illinois to Kentucky. Some of the most destructive damage was done in Washington, Illinois. One of the victims, John Byler Dann, survived the fierce EF-4 storm with his four young children in a safe room in their 5 year old home in Washington. The house was all but destroyed but the family survived, all but their 11 year old family dog Maggie, or so they thought. Nearly 30 hours later, in the rubble that was once their home, they found Maggie, wrapped in a carpet with a displaced hip, but otherwise alive. It is just a tremendous story of  the will to survive along with just how much joy a dog brings to our lives. You can read the entire story with photos here at The Weather Channel.

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