Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Arctic cold eases - new storm threat for Montreal

Cold and ice slowed the morning commute Tuesday as did the decision of some municipalities, including Kirkland, to do snow removal during the rush hour adding to the delays.
It is another cold morning in Montreal but so much warmer than the frigid lows of Tuesday morning. Temperatures were as cold as -31C in Cornwall yesterday with -26.3 here on L'Ile Perrot. That was the second coldest temperature I recorded here at my home in 2013 the previous being -27.7 on January 23. It was also colder than the record low for the date of -26.1C set back in 1942. The cold produced ice fog off the St Lawrence River that coated bridges and road surfaces in black ice leading to an adventure during the morning commute. I am grateful to be off work today after spending 5 hours in the car just trying to get to and from work over the last two days. Blame it on the weather and a host of other stupidity including in no particular order, snow removal during the rush hour, stupid drivers exceeding the speed of the weather and crashing tying up the rest of us, and no snow tires. Mine have been on since early November and so should yours. Yes I was a little frustrated.

In any event the cold has eased a little this morning as we sit at -14C on our way up to a tropical high of -8C. Some flurries are around this morning but no significant amount is expected. We can also look for a rather calm day Thursday with some flurries around and mild at -1C. This will be the calm before the storm as a couple of weather systems are expected to bring us messy weather in the busy travel/shopping period this weekend. Two low pressure areas will pass just south of Montreal with precipitation arriving Friday and lasting into Sunday. At first snow is forecast but warmer air will allow for a mix including freezing rain which we have not seen much of this winter. As a matter of fact concern is growing for a possible prolonged period of freezing rain. It is way to early to determine the exact track of a storm that has yet to develop as well as the type and quantity of precipitation. However we do know that it will be a messy weekend with perhaps dangerous travel weather.

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