Friday, December 20, 2013

Winter Storm Watch for Montreal

Snow continues to fall along a very sharp arctic boundary this evening that is lying just south of Montreal. Warm air continues to ride up and over the front but unable to reach the surface here in the valley. Low pressure moving along the front will pass east of the city overnight with precipitation becoming rather light and scattered in nature. I have been trapped inside all day after spending another 90 minutes in traffic this morning so I am not certain how much snow has fallen. My best guess is at least 10cm. The temperature dropped from -1C at midnight to -9C by 7am this morning in Montreal creating very slick roads. Several accident were reported including one involving a snowplow that closed Highway 20 this morning during the commute. I was stuck in that for awhile.

Roads remain sloppy tonight and there is even some freezing rain being reported along the US border. We may have a break in the action early Saturday before a stronger surge of moisture rides along the front. Snow and blowing snow will begin in Montreal by late in the afternoon and accumulate 10-15cm before changing to sleet or freezing rain. A significant amount of ice is possible in many regions of the St. Lawrence and Champlain Valley's but exactly where is a little tricky at this time. There were tremendous differences in temperatures today over a small weather area from -7C here in Montreal to as warm as 5C in Albany NY. A winter storm watch has been posted for Montreal, and this could be upgraded to some sort of warning by tomorrow morning. I will post an update then.

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