Friday, December 06, 2013

Cold weekend - potential Monday snowstorm for Montreal

There is plenty of weather to talk about this morning. Montreal had a cold front go through overnight, just before it did, the temperature here on L'Ile Perrot surged to 10C (50F) near 9pm. After that it has fallen to where we sit this morning, a windy, chilly 2C. That will likely be our high for the day and moving forward I see no real mild air for the rest of this month. Speaking of cold, it is frigid across the prairies this morning with Regina sitting at -32C currently with an extreme windchill of -44C. Further south the cold air has met moisture and is producing an area of freezing rain, snow and sleet from north Texas into the Ohio Valley. The US weather map looks like a Christmas tree this morning, lit up with warnings stretching from the northeast into the deep south and most of the west. Those warnings continue on the Canadian side of the border for dangerous windchill's across the west.

Waves crash onshore from the North Sea into a German ferry terminal on Thursday. (Weather Underground) 
Across the pond in western Europe an intense ocean storm is approaching Germany and the Netherlands with hurricane force winds. Wind reports from North Sea oil platforms have indicated gusts in excess of 100mph with up to 60mph reported along the coast. For the first time since 2007 the elaborate series of flood gates have been closed to protect coastal Denmark.

Our next storm arrive Monday.
It is looking more likely that a decent snow event will take place on Monday. I refrain from calling it a storm, but the arrival of snow at rush hour Monday in Montreal will have major implications regardless of the amount that falls. After a sunny, cold and dry weekend, high -4C, low pressure over the Mississippi Valley will move northeast towards southern Quebec with a second low developing off the Atlantic Coast. Both systems will surge moisture north into the cold air with snow likely after midnight Sunday night. Snow with a mix of freezing rain over the border regions will last well into Monday with early estimates from different sources looking at 8 to as much as 15cm of snow. It will be milder near 0C for the high temperature. After Monday more flurries Tuesday and colder once again. I will monitor this all weekend and provide updates.

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